[ Industry dynamics ] Japanese Big Maccha Catering Seven Leaves and Tea Landed in Shanghai
Japan's larger tea catering chain officially landed in Shanghai, where the Chinese ** shop, based on the idea of creating a healthy trend of tea franchise, chose the underground floor of Melo City, 
Industry dynamics
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INDUSTRY DYNAMICS ] "Standard Shop" and "Model Shop" for Breakfast were launched in Beijing
In 2010, the overall goal of the city's breakfast demonstration work is to discover a group of breakfast brand chains and breakfast food distribution suppliers.A number of "demonstration stores of breakfast chain enterprises" 
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INDUSTRY DYNAMICS ] Chengdu catering enterprises can win 50,000 prizes when they enter
Chengdu catering enterprises will be awarded 50,000 yuan in the top 100 list of Chinese catering industry in 2009. On the 3rd, Chengdu Business Bureau and Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Project Funds
INDUSTRY DYNAMICS ] Two Departments Carry out the Demonstration Project of Food
In order to establish and improve an effective mechanism for the implementation of food safety responsibilities in catering services, give full play to the leading role of food safety demonstration units
INDUSTRY DYNAMICS ] The Ministry of Health is about to issue "Measures for the Management of Food
In the near future, the Ministry of Health will publish the "Measures for the Administration of National Food Safety Standards" and "Measures for the Filing of Food Safety Enterprise Standards".
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